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How did you get into the travel industry is a question I am asked frequently. Who would have thought my answer would be that ...

The Ljubljanica River that goes through the city

One place I always wanted to visit was Ljubljana, Slovenia as this was where my grandmother was from. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this destination.

Ljubljana is a small quaint European city and truly is a hidden gem. The city itself is never busy but also never boring.

The river (The) runs through the entire city and has a great river walk. 

Along the river walk you'll come across cafe's and restaurants. This is a great place to dine and listen to music.

The city was so great to see and explore without the hustle and bustle of a metropolis that it was actually calming.

Make sure you walk along the Dragon Bridge and then venture to the Love Bridge (technically called Butchers Bridge). The Love Bridge is where you can write your name on a padlock, put it on the bridge and throw away the key to "lock in your love" forever. 

You'll notice there is a lot of mythological history in Ljubljana that is very interesting.

On the Love Bridge you'll see a large statue of a disemboweled man which is believed to be Prometheus.

I can't say enough about this hidden gem except to visit and experience for yourself.

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